In the print-world, the way you create and save your logo, custom label design or other artwork is everything. So if you think that a) CMYK is some strange texting lingo, b) you have to stab your artwork to get... Read more →

Weddings are expensive. Period. One way you can save money, however, is by using custom wedding labels to personalize less expensive wedding favors. You can have them printed with the names or monogram as well as the date of the wedding. At, we are able to offer you a variety of creative ideas for personalizing your wedding souvenirs, without breaking your budget! Just check out these great examples of ways to save. Read more →

Coming up with unique ideas to ask your friends to be in your wedding has always been more of a trend among brides-to-be, and one that has taken off since Pinterest now provides a wealth of ideas. One idea brides frequently use is to purchase custom wine bottle labels and present the bottle to each female. But what about the guys? Just because they want to avoid asking their friends in a “cute” way doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of fun, unique ways to ask your potential groomsmen to be in your wedding... Read more →

Fluorescent colors are fluorescent because they literally glow - in real life that is. What makes them appear fluorescent is actually that they absorb UV light that the human eye cannot see. They then release this UV light as a form of energy that puts off visible light. Used to be, in the early stages of fluorescent dyes and paints, that this would only be visible with the use of a black light. When the black light shone, the UV reflected light showed up. Read more →