Fluorescent colors are fluorescent because they literally glow - in real life that is. What makes them appear fluorescent is actually that they absorb UV light that the human eye cannot see. They then release this UV light as a form of energy that puts off visible light. Used to be, in the early stages of fluorescent dyes and paints, that this would only be visible with the use of a black light. When the black light shone, the UV reflected light showed up. Read more

88% of consumers read reviews before they purchase a product or use a service according to a 2014 survey by BrightLocal.com. No matter what industry you're in, if people buy your products or purchase your services, your online reputation matters. Make sure you utilize your loyal customers... Read more

The marijuana industry is booming. In 2014, we saw the increased passage of recreational legislation to Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C, while the medical marijuana market now contains 19 states. Marijuana enthusiasts and businesses hope to see marijuana as nationally... Read more