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Ship Packages Safely This Christmas

Damaged_package2Tis the season of giving. Which means the United States Postal Service is extra busy shipping gifts around the country and even around the world. While lines in the post office aren’t as bad as they used to be, thanks to the postal scale and internet postage labels that can be printed at home. Still, if you’re sending anything fragile, you still run the risk that your presents will arrive damaged or broken. Use these great tips from eHow to make sure your gifts reach your family and friends safely.

  1. Start by wrapping your gift in brown packing paper so that is completely covered. Follow that by wrapping it completely in a layer of bubble wrap and securing it with packing tape. Print an address label with your recipient’s address and place the address label onto the bubble wrap directly. While it may seem strange, you never know if your box will become damaged while in transit and the exterior address label could be damaged or missing altogether.
  2. Line the box with materials that will provide plenty of cushion for your fragile item, such as packing paper, bubble wrap, newspapers, or packing peanuts. Make sure you leave enough room not just for the item, but also more cushioning materials on top of the object.
  3. After you have placed your item in the box and covered it completely with packing materials, seal the box with several pieces of packing tape that are at least two inches wide. Write “fragile” on the side of the box or, even better, use a brightly-colored, eye-catching shipping label that has “Fragile” printed on it in large, bold letters.
  4. Place an address label or shipping label on the box with the recipient’s name and address clearly printed onto it.

For more information on holiday shipping continue reading our blog. To order shipping and handling labels, such as a Fragile label, visit us online at


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