Feature Friday: Holiday Address Labels
The Role of Labels

Facebook Marketing Strategy Tips for the Holidays

Facebook labelsIt’s hard to believe that Christmas is only about a week away and the busiest shopping season of the year will be coming to an end. However, there is still time to capitalize on this opportunity and increase sales. One easy place to start, of course, is with social media, specifically your Facebook page. Use these great ideas to make the most of this last week.

Create a calendar. Okay, so you may have missed out on a “12 days till Christmas” theme, but you can still do something these last 7  days till Christmas. Perhaps schedule something each day that is a little bigger and release your best sale the day of (or even the day after to cash in on all those gift cards – think “After Christmas” sale). Don’t want to have a different sale every day? Not a problem. There are a variety of things you can do to stir activity on your page. Some great ideas include:

  • Giving fans a new tip on products or services (or even something just related to your service) each day. Remember, people love tips that will save them money.
  • Have fans stay tuned all week long for the chance to win prizes on your page.
  • Hold a contest or competition and have daily activity around those contests each day (like publishing clues).

Ask holiday-themed questions. We all know that engagement is key and that, if you want a response, you must ask simple, easy to answer questions. Try each day to ask holiday-related questions that are both simple and related to your brand. Don’t just wait to come up with something on the spot, either. Sit down and generate a number of different questions that are relevant and will encourage engagement and then schedule them on Facebook.

Remind fans about holiday deals. Schedule posts about any holiday deals you have going on. Encourage them to share by offering Facebook incentives (such as giving away more items if you grow your Facebook fan base to a certain number).

Story time. Share a story that’s related to your brand and encourage your fans to share their own. This can be a little trickier since it generally involves a longer response; however, people have strong emotional ties to the holidays and will be more likely to respond if it’s something that moves them emotionally.

Share holiday product uses. This tip is somewhat dependent upon what kind of product you have; however, there are generally ways you can spin any product line for the holidays. For us, for example, we like to give fans tips about using postal scales and internet postage labels to avoid lines at the post office or using round stickers to decorate packages…or simply using holiday address labels on packages. Only you know your brand, obviously, but there is generally a way to utilize your products during the holiday season – share those ideas with your fans!

Use Facebook labels on business cards. Generally you’re going to find yourself at more than one Christmas party during the holidays, and you never know who you’re going to meet. Always be prepared! Take business cards with you and stick a Facebook label on the back. Even better, order custom Facebook stickers that have your business’s customized URL on it, making it easier than ever for them to find you online.


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