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Address Labels for Wedding Invitations: Appropriate?

Address labelsToday we decided to continue on the wedding theme from yesterday, where we discussed different ideas for using custom labels on wedding favors. One of the first steps you take after setting the date and location and firmly establishing your guest list is to send out invitations. However, depending on the size of your wedding, this can become a tedious process and the big question is: is it okay to use address labels on wedding invitations?

There are varying opinions on this that changes depending on who you ask. Ideally, the invitations should be handwritten to show guests you gave them the time and consideration of individually writing their addresses on the envelopes. If you have the money and aren’t satisfied with your own handwriting, consider hiring a calligrapher to handwrite your addresses.

For those who are determined to handwrite the addresses, one idea for handling the invitation addressing situation is to have an invitation party with your friends. You can plan it with your entire bridal party and use it as an opportunity to plan for the big deal, getting ideas and feedback as well as discuss your bachelorette party.

If you choose to forgo the hassle of handwriting the addresses, however, there are appropriate alternatives. Clear address labels with a script print still give the impression of being handwritten but only take a fraction of the time. If you are planning a big wedding or will be sending Save the Date cards as well as formal invitations, address labels can save significant time and effort.

Add an extra special touch to your invitations by using a custom label to seal the envelope.

If you need help with your custom labels, feel free to contact us today.

What do you think? Do you think proper etiquette requires address labels to be handwritten or are clear address labels a suitable alternative?


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Handwritten are always the best, but you have provided a suitable alternative, if handwritten just isn't possible. The idea of a party to write out the addresses is a great idea!

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